Video coaching


My video coaching is meant for all those who like to improve their riding skills:
beginners, leisure time riders, late entrants, professional or competition riders.

With that, also my clients from abroad have the possibility to train with me and make valuable suggestions despite thousands of miles between us.

It is fairly simple to bring professional competence to your home screen or PC:

Just send me an approx. 30 minute video CD of your horse and you "in action".
When recording, make sure the conditions of illumination allow an evaluation of the shots. Don't try to ride exceptionally well, ride "normally as usual".

Having received your film, you'll get a detailed assessment of your ride and suggestions to improve your skills with specific exercises you can integrate into your training. Thus you'll make progress and attain harmony and joy with your partner, the horse.

Furthermore you can choose if you like a toolbox with additional information to download from my website via a CD or "memberlogin".