•   Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)
  •   Communications training and coaching
  •   Languages: German (native), English


  •   First and second university degree for the teaching profession
  •   Teaching activities in vocational and professional education

Competition judge:

  •   1995 grand prix judge exam of the German Judge Association for
      equestrian achievements tests (DRV)
  •   since 2009 official evaluator of the state commission for achievement tests   in Rhineland-Palatinate
  •   GP, SM, VL, RP, RA
  •   Judging activities in Germany, USA, Luxembourg, Singapore, Australia


  •   more than 20 years moderating activities of scientific continued education programs and symposia
  •   moderation of equestrian sports events and shows


  •   ample substantial theoretical knowledge of the entire hippology subject  literature
  •   continued education leadership in communications training and conversation techniques
  •   coaching of customers, mental training
  •   continued education referent of the personal members (PM) of the German Riding Association (FN)
  •   advisor for the state commission for achievement tests
  •   regional representative of the Xenophon Association for the preservation and fostering of the classical    riding culture in Rhineland-Palatinate


  •   Victories and top rank placements in dressage competitions up to FEI level (Germany and USA)
  •   Education and training of horses up to grand prix level
  •   1979 "Reitwart" final exam (riding istructor)
  •   1982 "Bereiter" (master rider) final exam with Stensbeck Award
  •   1982 final exam instructor "Riding as sports for the physically  challenged" - education leadership in the Institute for Therapeutic Riding Dr. Banzhaf,  Nassau
  •   several years of international training and coaching in the US, Singapore, Indonesia